JBL Control 31 – Prosound Digital Video
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JBL Control 31

Thương hiệu: JBL
Loại: Loa di động
Mã SP: Control 31
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Two-Way High-Output Indoor-Outdoor Monitor Speaker




o   250 mm (10 in) woven fiberglass cone LF driver with 52 mm (2 in) voicecoil.

o   High-output 2414H-C compression driver with 25 mm (1 in) exit, unique (patented) design and high-temperature polymer diaphragm.

·250 Watt capability (in 8Ω thru setting), plus 150 Watt transformer for 70V or 100V distributed lines, with 8Ω thru bypass.

·Extended bandwidth, extremely smooth frequency response

·Highly outdoor-capable design with included WeatherMax™ multi-layer grille and optional marine-kit grille for salt-air environments.

·110° x 110° symmetrical coverage.

·Includes InvisiBall® mounting hardware plus ten 6 mm attachment points for suspension and optional U-bracket.

·Included sealed input panel cover and screw-down input terminals for secure connection.


Frequency Range (-10 dB)

33Hz – 19kHz

Frequency Response (±3 dB)

42Hz – 14kHz

Power Ratings

250 W (1000 W peak), 2 hrs.

200 W (800 W peak), 100 hrs.

Maximum SPL @ 1m

116 dB continuous (123 dB peak)

Nominal Sensitivity

92 dB

Coverage Angle

110° x 110°

Directivity Factor (Q)

5.7, averaged 500 Hz to 10 kHz

Directivity Index (DI)

7.3 dB, averaged 500 Hz to 10 kHz

Nominal Impedance

8 ohms

Crossover Type

2nd order low-pass, 2nd order high-pass, plus conjugate shaping circuitry.

Transformer Taps

70V: 150W, 75W, 38W, 19W

100V: 150W, 75W, 38W 

Insertion Loss: <0.65 dB at any tap setting

Thru Setting: 8Ω nominal

Recommended High-Pass

Protective 40 Hz high-pass (24 dB/oct) for any transformer tap and for 8Ω operation

Low Frequency

250 mm (10 in) woven-fiberglass cone with pure butyl rubber surround, 52 mm (2 in) voice coil on high-temperature

fiberglass voice coil former, optimized cone geometry, linear suspension spider, FEA-optimized motor construction,

aluminum ring on pole piece.

High Frequency

JBL 2414H-C compression driver with 25 mm (1 in) diaphragm and voice coil diameter, high temperature polymer

diaphragm, JBL-patented design, fluid-cooled.

Enclosure Material

High impact Polystyrene (HIPS) with 10% glass fill plus patent-pending internal 5 mm foamed polyurethane secondary

mold for additional cabinet density.


Zinc-plated and thermoset-composite coated steel, WeatherMax™ multi-layer foam with tight-weave mesh vapor barrier.


InvisiBall wall-mounting system included. Ten 6 mm attachment points on cabinet for suspending or for optional U-bracket.

One 6 mm secondary safety attachment point (for forged shoulder steel eyebolt, not included) on back panel.


IP-55 per IEC529. Exceeds MilSpec 810 for humidity, salt-spray, temperature & UV. Passes MilStd-202F for salt spray.

Optional MTC-30MK marine-kit grille increases longevity in highly corrosive environments.


Screw-down terminal strip, zinc-plated copper based, nickel-plated metal screws and washers. Accepts up to 9 mm

Outside 4 mm inside open lugs (#6, #8, or #10 lug), plus bare wire (up to 12 AWG / 2.5 mm2).

Agency Rating

Transformer is listed per UL1876


Black (RAL9004) or white (-WH, RAL9003)


593 x 372 x 345 mm (23.3 x 14.6 x 13.5 in)

Weight (ea)

18.8 kg (41.5lb)

Shipping Weight (ea)

22.0 kg (48.5 lb)

Included Accessories

1 pc MTC-PC2 input panel cover, InvisiBall wall-mounting system, 6 mm x 305 mm InvisiBall hex wrench.

Optional Accessories

MTC-30MK Marine-Kit Grille in black or white (-WH), consisting of grille and protective covers for baffle screws.

MTC-30CM (&-WH) Ceiling-Mount Adapter for installing speaker down from the ceiling. MTC-30UB (&-WH) U-Bracket 

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