Đèn Nanlite FS-300B announced – Bi-color COB LED Spotlight

Đèn Nanlite FS-300B announced – Bi-color COB LED Spotlight

Đèn Nanlite fs-300

Đèn Nanlite FS-300b được giới thiệu về dòng sản phẩm đèn Bi-color COB LED Spotlight  38720 Lux ở khoảng cách 1m . Dải nhiệt độ màu 2700-6500K, ngàm Bowens, tích hợp nhiều hiệu ứng – Hỗ trợ Bluetooth và kết nối không dây 2.4G.

Hãng Nanlite đã ra mắt nhiều sản phẩm mới trong năm nay bao gồm Forza 720 và 720B, loại nhỏ gọn Forza 60C, đèn ống PavoTube T8-7X và PavoBulb 10C.

Hôm nay, hãng nanlite  đã giới thiệu sản phẩm mới Nanlite FS-300B, với tính năng cân bằng sáng FS-300, FS-200 và FS-150

Đèn Nanlite fs-300

NANLITE FS-300B: overview

The NANLITE FS-300B is a COB LED spotlight built on the legacy of the original FS-300. This new bi-color version is 100% dimmable and features an adjustable color temperature range that goes from 2,700 up to 6,500K. This is a little limited in my opinion, but still a nice-to-have creative option.

According to the company, with CRI and TCLI ratings of 96 and 97 respectively, this new fixture is pretty color accurate. Moreover, NANLITE claims the bare bulb has a maximum output of 11,130 lux at a distance of 1 meter when set at 5,600K, which drops to 9,220 lux at 2,700K. A brighter output of 38,720 lux (5,600K) can be achieved using the included reflector.

Đèn Nanlite fs-300

In order to obtain this level of brightness, the lamp head is equipped with a cooling fan. This can be turned off so that it doesn’t interfere with sound recording. However, this option comes at a cost, since the output is then reduced to only 25%.

Operating modes and effects

The light features two different operating modes, Constant Output and Maximum Output. The former ensures a uniform level of brightness across the whole CCT range, while the latter maximizes power for each color temperature value.

Like most LED lights these days, NANLITE FS-300B comes with a series of 12 built-in lighting effects (CCT loop, INT loop, flash, pulse, storm, TV, paparazzi, candle/fire, bad bulb, firework, explosion, welding). Each effect supports of a set of adjustable parameters, including intensity, color temperature, and speed.

Power, control, and design

Đèn NANLITE FS-300B doesn’t require a ballast to work. Hence, it features a lightweight (3.03kg/6.68lb.) and compact (346x233x123mm/13.62×9.17×4.48”) construction overall. The light can be fired up by connecting the included 4.5m power cable to the AC socket (100-240VAC) on the back of the unit.

Đèn Nanlite fs-300

The rear side of the lamp head offers on-board controls, consisting in two knobs for intensity and CCT adjustments accompanied by a 1.3” OLED screen. However, users can also choose to control the main settings remotely via Bluetooth and 2.4G. The fixture is compatible with the Nanlink APP (iOS/Android) and the optional WS-RC-C2 remote controller.

The front of the light can accept Bowens-mount accessories, which are a standard in the industry. This provides users with a vast range of lighting modifiers to choose from, since it opens support fro third-party accessories.

Đèn Nanlite fs-300

Đèn Nanlite FS-300B vs Forza 300B

Đèn NANLITE FS-300B is an extremely competitive product, even against fixtures from the same manufacturer. In fact, when it comes to output, the FS-300B performs very similarly to the NANLITE Forza 300B, at least on paper. Moreover, its all-in-one design is much more travel-friendly, as the Forza 300B requires a ballast to work. On the other hand, the Forza 300B lamp head is slightly more compact and lightweight and can also be powered using V-mount bricks. Now, that’s a good challenge!


  • Đèn NANLITE FS-300B
  • Dây nguồn AC dài 4.5-meter
  • Reflector
  • COB Protective Cap
  • Hướng dẫn sử dụng

Đèn Nanlite fs-300

Hiện đèn Nanlite FS-300B đang được bán tại các đại lý chính hãng trên toàn thế giới với giá niên yết: 10.219.000đ (Giá đã bao gồm thuế VAT 10%)


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